Fox Valley Wisconsin – At our house, my husband’s family are the competitive ones. Anyone else marry into a family that can take any friendly competition to a level that’s completely unheard of? Card games, cooking competitions, ANYTHING can be turned into a rival event. Over the weekend furniture was almost broken over a “keep the balloon off the ground” game that came out of nowhere. 

When my husband brought this, shall we say, spirited passion into his multiple myeloma diagnosis and treatment I wasn’t surprised. Granted, this didn’t happen right at first. In the beginning, there were just lots of tears and unfamiliar ground. Since his treatment began back in November 2018, we’ve done everything as a family. Taking turns shaving his head as his chemotherapy doses picked up and it was clear he wasn’t going to keep his hair. During his stem cell collection, part of my job was to update the rest of his family about how many millions of little cells he had collected for the day. Anytime we can lighten the mood during the cancer process we have taken that route.

Every family handles a multiple myeloma diagnosis differently. One way that has helped us has been diving into helping others through Mission Myeloma. With March being Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month we’re celebrating and gearing up to start our family’s campaign to raise funds that help patients here in Wisconsin. Circling back to how competitive everyone is in our bunch you can see where this is going. There may be trash-talking, big bets on who can raise more money, but in the end, we’ll know we’re supporting an amazing non-profit! Mission Myeloma’s sole goal is to help other multiple myeloma patients, just like my husband. The cancer battle isn’t fun for the patient or the family but making a difference for others can really help.

So now, through March 31, spread the word that you’re helping Mission Myeloma to raise awareness about multiple myeloma! Your support helps provide financial grants and care packages for patients currently in treatment. Funds also go toward research that is working on a  cure. So here’s your challenge. Start a team or join a team. Create a campaign on your own and get your friends and neighbors involved. Let the competitive spirit move you! We’re ready to rumble for multiple myeloma, are you?