NEENAH, WI – When we think of our little community of Mission Myeloma supporters we know it’s a mix of members. Many discover Mission Myeloma because they (or a loved one) have recently been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and are looking for assistance as they start their cancer journey. Some supporters have family members they have lost to multiple myeloma years ago but stick with us because they know it’s important to keep fighting for a cure. Others have had a co-worker or friend that had a personal connection to multiple myeloma and they get roped into a fundraiser. No matter your connection, you realize the mission is worth it and we welcome you all!

We want to acknowledge and thank EVERYONE for being part of our community. If 2020 taught us anything it’s that life is just not predictable. There are things we don’t and can’t control. The good news is that when you are proactive and work to make your piece of the world a little bit better it helps you feel more in control. This leads us to the big announcement. The 12th Annual Miles for Myeloma Run/Walk is a go! That said, we will need your help to make it a success!

The Miles for Myeloma event is the signature fundraiser for Mission Myeloma and we’re inviting you early so you can set aside Saturday, October 2, 2021, for us. The Mission Myeloma Board is working really hard to bring you a fun and exciting experience! The event this year will again be virtual and we have lots of online and team activities planned. 

We didn’t make the decision to do an at-home 2.0 event lightly, but we feel it’s important for all of our community members. Keep in mind that many who have been diagnosed with multiple myeloma are currently in treatment or maintenance treatment so crowds are just not a thing for them right now. Granted, we’re talking October, that’s MONTHS away, right? The trouble is we have no way of knowing where we’ll be at with big community events by then. We want to take time to plan so we can celebrate, remember and not worry about being out at a big social gathering. 

So stay tuned for more event details and registration dates. Our plan is to have more team activities, more selfies, more awesome t-shirts, and maybe even a live broadcast or two from participants. So save Oct 2, 2021, for Mission Myeloma and we’ll let you in on the whole plan soon!